Welcome to my art!


Castle On Court 15" x 11" Watercolor - on - 140 lb Paper


Art is a means of expressing feelings, emotions, passions, etc, which moves it beyond a mere recording of an object through its shape, color, and surroundings.  If as an artist, I can arouse such deeper feelings in the viewer of my art, I will have succeeded in my quest.  On these pages of my website, I put forth the results of my effort.  I hope in viewing my work, you will be stimulated in some meaningful way.



                Glenn Gerdin at the Elizabeth River project

         Plein Air artists' demonstration, August 16, 2008


The Grind on High 36" x 24" Oil - on - Canvas


Asheville Beat 20 1/2" x 15 3/4" oil pastel on canson paper 


Apartments on Court 15" x 11.5" Watercolor on 140 lb Paper


London - Court Apartments 15" x 11" Watercolor on 140 lb Paper