I accept commission work in the media of oil, watercolor, or oil pastel.  Any scene of some special event in your life can be depicted on paper, woodpanel or canvas.  You only need to send me a photograph(s) of your subject and the dimensions of the 2-D surface you desire.  I will send you a contract price.  If you want to have it done, 50% of the contract price is expected up front.

The price depends on the size, subject matter and the medium.

The prices for the various media and sizes are as follows:

Oil - pastel:

8" x 10" - $90

11" x 14" - $190

16" x 20" - $300

18" x 24" - $400


8" x 10" - $100

11" x 14" - $250

16" x 20" - $400

18" x 24" - $500


9" x 12" - $150

12" x 16" - $300

16" x 20" - $400

18" x 24" - $500

Larger pieces and greater detail will demand higher prices.

Your proposal should include a thorough discussion of your expectations; this will be reviewed and any questions I might have will be sent to you, so once the work begins, we are both on the same wavelength.

Also the time frame for completion of the proposed work will have to be agreed upon.

Once the project starts, an initial sketch will be made and a copy will be sent to you, so if you should desire any changes, they can be made at this time.

Upon completion, the rest of the contract price will be due, and when the funds clear my bank account, the item will be shipped.


Example:  House Painting.

Photo image of Janie A.'s house in Portsmouth

My painting of her house.  Watercolor 15"x 11" on 140 lb.

watercolor paper.  (I had just got a new camera for the photo

of the painting and the white balance was a little off.) 

I charged her $225 for this painting matted and put in a 20" x 16"



As a Second Example of House Painting:

This is Diane N.'s house and this is the picture I painted of it: