Hello!  I'm Glenn Gerdin the resident artist.



Here I am in my studio working on a watercolor.


      I was born and raised in Minnesota; I came to the area of Tidewater Virginia 21 years ago with a position as an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Old Dominion University.  While I have been painting ever since high school, I averaged less than one painting per year until I retired in December 2005.  I started taking art classes at the Visual Arts Center of the Tidewater Community College in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia.  There I studied drawing and watercolor under Professor Rob Hawkes, oil painting with Professor Corine Ledyard-Mitchell, and pastels with Professor Nancy Mansfield.

    I work out of my house, which is located in Olde Towne, Portsmouth.  This location also provides most of my subject matter, which are urban landscapes at present.  I try to use colors that really stand out and make extensive use of my color wheel.  I also prefer night scenes, since I feel this adds a degree of mystery to the work.  At present my work is on display in some businesses and a few galleries in Portsmouth and Virginia Beach.



Night on North Street 15 3/8" x 11 7/8" Watercolor - on - 140 lb Paper.


     I find painting and drawing to be a very fulfilling activity, which seems to be becoming a second career.  With every completed work I feel compelled to do another one.  Although my background is modest, I hope that by working hard and turning out many more paintings, I can find a unique and rewarding niche in the panorama of Tidewater artists.  My style and subject matter is constantly evolving, so only the future can tell.  Please visit this website often, to see how I progress, and if the results spark your interest.



               Night at the Grind 20" x 16" Oil - on - Canvas