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Castle on Court 15" x 11" Watercolor - on - 140 lb Paper


If you see a work on this site that grabs your interest and would be interested in buying the original and/or a print, please visit:

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Art Associations:

1) Chesapeake Bay Artists' Association:

2) If you are an artist with a question about art and      how-to-do something:

Art Galleries:

1) The Artists Gallery, 608 Norfolk Ave., (VB) 425-6765:


2) Pembroke 4 Gallery, Bldg. 4, Suite 120, 291 Independence Blvd., (VB)  493 - 9900:


3) Riverview Galleries, 1 High St., (P) 397-3207

Artist Links:

1) Randall Jordan, Artist: acrylic paintings, pastel drawings, jewelry, pottery, custom fishing rods: